Half Year Report 2012/13

Investment Proposition

Halma has an impressive record of creating sustained shareholder value through the economic cycle. We have consistently delivered record profits, high returns, strong cash flows, low levels of balance sheet gearing and a 30+ year track record of growing dividend payments by 5% or more every year.

Our ability to achieve record profits through the recent periods of economic turbulence is derived from our strategy of having a group of businesses building strong competitive advantage in specialised safety, health and environmental technology markets with resilient growth drivers. These growth drivers, such as increasing Health and Safety regulation, mean that demand for our products is resilient, in both developed and developing regions, through periods of significant macro-economic change.

Organic growth generates the financial and business resources we need to fund acquisitions and keep increasing dividends.

We generate organic growth momentum by increasing levels of investment in people development, new products and establishing platforms for growth in developing markets. Here, the need for Safety, Health and Environmental regulation is increasingly recognised by governments and the wider population.

Over the long term, we actively manage the mix of businesses in our Group to ensure we can sustain strong growth and returns. Whilst acquisitions accelerate entry into more attractive market niches, we merge businesses when market characteristics change and we exit markets which offer less attractive long-term growth and returns through carefully planned disposals.

Halma’s resilient market qualities, organic growth momentum and active portfolio management position us strongly to create shareholder value and achieve high levels of performance in the future.